smaller-crowd-rdc-color-mdPrivacy is one of the ironies of caregiving. Between you and your caree, nothing feels private, except what you hope won't ever go public in front of your caree. And, then there's you and the rest of the world. You're out in public, but keeping your life private.

What you witness and experience privately is so hard. You can't pay the bills. You can't manage the incontinence. You can't gather up enough patience. You can't bear to ask for help. You don't know how to find help. Your caree just can't. When all that stays too private for too long, you feel like you're losing your mind. You lose your privacy, your money, your freedom and then you lose your sanity.

During a time that's painful, I don't believe we're meant to stay silent. We're meant to take comfort with those who know and understand. We're meant to take solace in being with others who share a similar experience.

The world holds people who do understand and will understand. You may have to travel a bit to find them but you will. After all, you landed here. And, we understand.

--Join us; you can tell us your story without telling us your name.

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Denise I hope you put this as a 'tag' for my latest blog! :) Thank you for being there I will call for help!\r\nil