Progress and Respite

Last week Paul and I viewed his latest bone scan; there really isn't anything that wasn't affected. The doc convinced him to go back on hormone ablation, which he says generally keeps patients holding pretty well for up to five years. Paul had been discouraged last fall when his PSA went up to 170 and thought that was "it" so he'd gone off everything, opting for homeopathy only.  Seeing the bone scan convinced him that while western medicine isn't going to CURE him, it was helping things be kept at bay.  His PSA last week was 675 (not six-point-seven-five but six hundred and seventy five), we'll check again in two months to see if it's on the way down again.

Since going back on ablation, he's had more energy, a positive attitude, and less pain.  He managed to do an extraordinary amount of outside window painting, gardening and keep a positive track going before we left for almost a week on Cape Cod. We're there now at his parents' home . . . it's incredible how easy they make things!  We've both been sleeping so soundly; it's restorative beyond imagination.

Let's hope this can hold for a while - when there's an "up" I know there'll be a "down" to come, but for now I'm savoring every moment.  Best to you all - and thanks for listening to some upbeat/good news!  :o)

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