Proselytizing the Bereaved


Proselytizing the Bereaved

tree-219714_640How can it be that perfect strangers and casual acquaintances honestly expect me to welcome them, and their brightly-colored, insultingly dumbed-down tracts (this particular one seeks to "share the truth" about what really happens to us when we die) not just once, but twice so far, beginning on the very day after my mother's death?


Whose brilliant idea is this, to pounce on someone who is grieving, and attempt to convert them by telling them that everything they believe about God, Jesus, and Heaven is totally wrong?!

Do they not realize, or just not care, that his tactic -- targeting an emotionally wrecked person -- is a very well-known and documented Red Flag indicating that you are the prey of a mind-control cult? It's one of the most widely used strategies of the most horrible, heretical, controlling cults all over the world. (Along with constantly denying that they are in fact a cult. Another thing these folks do a lot).

So far, I've been handing them off to Grandma. Let them chat. While I lock myself in my room, and don't come out 'til they're gone.

I'm very nearly done with trying to be polite.


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I am so sorry, Desiree! The level of insensitivity is as upsetting as the level of self-serving. I wish people could just focus on what you need--love and support. It seems like it would be so much easier for everyone.


Oh Desiree, I'm so sorry. That just really frosts me! I used listen politely to these people and feel awkward. Now I don't care if they think me rude, I interrupt and tell them I very happy with me own beliefs and walk away or close the door in their face.


can totally relate do what you must friend to protect yourself and follow your heart however you need to take care!


Wow, Desiree. That is completely insane. I'm sorry you've had to endure that. I hope you stayed locked down. They don't deserve to be in the same room with you. I'm praying for you.