Protecting My Buddy's Privacy


Protecting My Buddy's Privacy

(Editor's Note: Today, we welcome Steve to our blogging team. You also can connect with him on his profile page: @sd803.)

friends-52662_640Hi y'all,

I'm my buddy's caregiver. I'm Steve, and I'm caring for my buddy Percy. I have written a couple of times on about someone named Rick; please forget about him. Rick has such burdens in life that I don't want to add to by writing about him directly. From now on, Percy has agreed to be the fellow I talk about when I  talk about who I'm caring for.

I do what I can for my friend Percy. I'm sure that I've been very helpful to him since he had his stroke, but the help he's given me is so much more than what I've been able to give him. In future posts, I hope to show how helping Percy has ultimately helped me.

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Welcome, Steve. Good to have you with us. :)


Steve! Welcome to Thank you for sharing about your Buddy, Percy! I look forward to hearing about what kind of care you give him! We enjoy hearing the struggles, good and bad as well as tips we can use in our caregiving day.


Well, Steve, you have absolutely made my day. I am soooo glad you are blogging. I love this post because it speaks so much about friendship and caregiving. So much that happens during caregiving is really so private. And, yet, you want to make the lessons learned public. Your solution is perfect! I'm looking forward to your next post about you and Percy. :)