I have been singing in school and/or church choirs most of my life. I possess an unremarkable voice. One choir director was moved to say it was “really quite pleasant” (faint praise indeed ).

Content to be a background singer, I have never sought solo or lead parts. However when our pastor/choir director presented a new song “Rejoice and be Glad” taken from Psalm 118:24, I asked for the part explaining that the line, ”Satan tried to depress me. I was tempted to frett and be sad. But I told him, This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it” was my testimony. I do believe that Satan tries to and too often succeeds at depressing me as I care for my husband in the form of caregiver guilt, caregiver weight gain, caregiver stress and caregiver burnout.

I have to keep my “sword of the spirit” at the ready.

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Hello Michele,\r\n\r\nKeep doing the good work. Rebuke those and that which is not worthy of your time. Focus on yourself and caring for your husband. It was so lovely meeting you in Chicago. God Bless!


Amen, Michelle, and thank you for sharing your moment of victory. I completely agree that the Evil One constantly attacks us in our most vulnerable places and at the worst of times. Again, he sometimes comes as a beautiful angel and brings pain and sorrow before we know it. Staying spiritually ready is so important. Your post was and is lovely.


Michelle..those are awesome words to think about and live by and not let the devil (or anyone else) steal the joy in our lives as we go through this caregiver journey. \r\n\r\nPS..I have a remarkable voice...but not in a good way.. :)