courtyard-985359_640In private, you hear the news you don't want and can't believe.

In private, you struggle with how to manage, what to do, when you need to do it.

In private, you do the hands-on care that still can seem a little surreal.

In private, you let the tears flow.

Your life now seems so private that you wonder how you'll ever be able to go public.

How will your private life ever fit into your public one?

Know that you can determine that right fit between public and private.

You may decide the public life becomes a break from the private one.

You may decide to disclose only to those you completely trust.

You may decide to share most of your private life because you know you help another struggling with whether to going public with what's so private.

Whatever you decide, know we support you. Know we honor your private life. Know we are ready to hear the details of your private life whenever you feel comfortable.

And, finally, know that we understand that you keep a private pain that's very difficult to share publicly. Please take comfort in simply knowing that we know, too.

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It's so nice that someone understands. Makes me feel better.

Lillie Fuller

Wow! I so get this! Thank you!


That is so well said Denise!