Push Ups on the Side of a Truck: How to Fit a Little Bit of Exercise into Our Busy Lives


Push Ups on the Side of a Truck: How to Fit a Little Bit of Exercise into Our Busy Lives

steps-388914_640I was driving home one day and drove by a concrete truck parked on the side of the street. It looked like it was waiting for someone or something to show up. As I got closer I noticed the driver doing push-ups against the bumper. My first thought was “that’s weird” but my second thought was “good for him, he is taking this opportunity to get in a little exercise.” Ten push-ups on the side of the road may not sound like much but maybe he does this five times a day or 10 times a day.

If you are like me, you struggle to set aside time to exercise, 30 minutes for some strength exercise and 30 minutes for some cardio each day. Ha! The last time that happened I was single and had no kids. Now adays there is always something that needs to be done and exercise gets pushed back further and further in my day until it usually doesn’t happen. When I lived in Houston my office was on the 4th floor and my lab was on the 8th floor of a different building, I walked a lot back then and immediately gained weight when I moved back to Kansas. All that walking was exercise and I didn’t even know it. In our busy lives we can find small ways like the truck driver to fit exercise into our daily routine, it may not be the best workout but a little is better than none.

  • Park far away: Park at the edge of parking lots, in those far away spaces no one wants. Your car will be safer from door dings and you can get an extra 100-200 steps in your day every time you park.

  • Take the stairs: Stairs are a great workout and almost everywhere. If you routinely take an elevator during the day try the stairs, it will seem hard at first but after a few weeks you will notice a difference.

  • Do a few push-ups: Take a couple of minutes every day to do a few push-ups. It only takes two to three minutes to do 10 push-ups, what is in your daily routine where you consistently wait for two minutes? Waiting for the shower to warm up? Waiting for the kids to get ready? Cooking dinner? We all have three minutes we can spare.

  • Lunges: These are a little tougher and might look funny in public. Do lunges across your house. It doesn’t take many lunges to make your thighs burn so do some lunges instead of walking as you go from one room to another.

  • Stand up and stretch: If you sit at a desk, stand up and stretch every hour. This is not only good for the body but the increased blood flow is also good for the brain.

  • Lift “weights”: Instead of carrying those jugs of milk into the house, do a few curls as you walk along. This works with just about anything that weighs a few pounds.

  • Jumping jacks: Just like push-ups, you can do 20 jumping jacks in just a few minutes.

What is your favorite way to squeeze a little exercise into your day?

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I love the visual of the truck driver!\r\n\r\nI try to stand as much as I can.\r\n\r\nI also have been trying to do the 7-minute workout. (You read about it and get the app here: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/24/for-a-7-minute-workout-download-our-new-app/)\r\n\r\nI was keeping track in our forum (see link below) of when I did the 7-minute workout and obviously I've completely fallen off the wagon. I'm climbing backup this week. :)\r\n\r\nhttp://www.caregiving.com/forums/forum/monthly-challenges/fit-family-caregivers/seven-minute-workout/