"One Puzzle Piece At a Time" - Support After Your Caree's Death

When your caree ends, your caregiving role changes. To support you as you close out your caree's estate, one of my colleagues, Sarah Griebler, is launching a virtual service called "One Puzzle Piece At a Time" - Supporting You in Navigating Your Role as Trustee or Power of Attorney after the Death of a Loved One.

When three members of Sarah's extended family died in rapid succession in the period of one year, she and her family were left to pick up the pieces. Her relatives had left their affairs, finances, businesses and homes in varying states of disarray. Through her work for all three family members, Sarah quickly learned how difficult it is to manage all the administrative tasks and decisions required after death while you are also grieving. Sarah now provides support to trustees and power of attorneys who are navigating the overwhelming after death process.

By providing practical and strategic support to help you manage the tasks at hand one day at a time, Sarah helps you navigate a time in life when the emotions are intense and there is no "one size fits all manual." Sarah works with clients one-on-one in the Chicagoland area and remotely with clients around the country. She also leads "One Puzzle Piece at a Time" groups over Zoom. In these intimate and confidential groups, clients gets personalized strategic and project management support and also have the opportunity to connect with and learn from others in similar circumstances.

No matter the size of the estate or the specific situation you are in, you do not have to navigate this overwhelming situation alone. Sarah can help you from day one after your loved one's death and provide guidance, encouragement and resources every step of the way.

A new Zoom group is starting in mid-July for people who have recently experienced the death of a loved one or who are in the middle of the process of settling their affairs. The day and time of this Zoom meeting is selected by the participants to ensure it is as a time that fits your schedule. The group will meet once a week for 4 weeks for a 90 minute call. There are a maximum of 5 participants in the group to ensure that each participant gets at least 15 minutes every week devoted solely to their specific concerns and questions. You'll also learn a lot from hearing from other members in the group too.

$30 per call or $100 for 4 calls - You are welcome to drop in and out as needed or sign up for the whole series.

To learn more, please complete the form, below. Sarah will be in touch within 48 hours of receiving your information.
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