Quality of Life Verses Inheritance


Quality of Life Verses Inheritance

DollarKnowing that my dad's Parkinson's will only progress my hope is to give him the best quality of life as possible.

It would be nice if he felt the same way.

"Dad I purchased the water pik the dentist suggested"

"Well, there you go spending your inheritance"

"Dad, why don't you go to Sabbath services on Saturday?"

"Why should I, God will not kill me there."

"Dad, I know that you did not like lunch today."

"Yes, and if they keep feeding me this lousy food I am going to bill them for services not provided. You know this is cutting into your inheritance."

Dad, I do not want an inheritance, I want you to be comfortable, I want you to get what you can from the days, weeks, years that you have left. What can I do that will make a difference? Anything?

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When I read other's blogs, I have this sence of adjustment... I mean: It's easy to talk and give advice when we're not \"there\" for that \"moment's events\".\r\n\r\nStill Ketzela, eventhough really hard, I'm trying something out lately (not always able to...).\r\n\r\nI try not to use negative words with both my parents (Dad - Dementia; Mum - Parkinson's). This is...\r\n\r\nYou gave this example:\r\n\r\n“Dad, I know that you did not like lunch today.”\r\n\r\nI try:\r\n\r\n\"Dad, what do you prefer for lunch tomorrow?\" \r\n\r\nDo you get the idea? See, it kind of diverts the mind. With my Mum and Dad, it leads them to a positive response. \r\n\r\nAnd whenever the joke is possible, that's great advice!\r\n\r\nLove \r\n\r\nAna


Hi--I'm always glad to read one of your posts. :) A thought similar to Richard's: I wonder if his talk of your inheritance is his way to let you know he's looking out for her, he's protecting you? It's a way for him to still give to you.