Quick Website Update


Quick Website Update


I'm getting there.

As of yesterday morning, the website has been operating without any problems. I thought the site was in a good place on Wednesday afternoon but the problems persisted until late Wednesday night. In essence, I rent space on a server to run the site. The site was taking up too much space, which is why it continued to crash.

I'm doing what I can to minimize the site's size, which includes compressing code. When I compress code, I run the risk of changing the look of the site. So, for instance, on Wednesday afternoon, the site didn't load properly because of the compression. (Only the ad loaded. That's it. Just the ad. When you went to Caregiving.com, you just saw an ad. Ugh.) I've fixed that problem with our new design. You also may have encountered a problem trying to visit the website using Chrome as your browser. I've fixed that problem, as well.

I still have to fix a problem the compression is causing for the site on mobile devices. I hope to have that fixed this weekend. (Note: The site works without any problems when you are logged into your account both on your desktop and on your mobile devices. You'll see the problem on mobile devices if you are not logged into your Caregiving.com account.)

Bloggers may notice a problem adding images to your post. This weekend, I'll share tips on how to successfully load an image in our General group.

As I continue to make the site as lean as possible, I'm playing with settings that may cause some pages to look odd. Right now, the home page sometimes doesn't load properly; an error message loads instead. I think I've adjusted the settings so the page will load okay now (or soon--sometimes these changes take a bit to take.) A few weeks ago, for instance, compressing code prevented our chatrooms from loading correctly. (Keeping the site optimized is a continuous and ongoing process.)

I'm also considering a few changes which can further optimize the site. I'm thinking about using a service to host our comments so you may notice a difference in our comments section next week. I've tried the service in the past and wasn't convinced it was the right choice. Now, though, if it helps keep the smaller (which saves money), I may make the switch. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you all again so much for sticking with me. It's such a worry for me when I can't get the site to work as well as it should. I want the site to be a dependable place for you so work as hard as I can to make that happen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in our comments section, below.

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