Quote THE WHO: "We Won't Get Fooled Again"


Quote THE WHO: "We Won't Get Fooled Again"

foolSilly,  presumptuous me. How could I possibly brag that I had solved my Houdini-ette little mother's wandering problem? No sooner had I typed my post last evening (Little Old White Woman's March on Washington for Freedom) and it hadn't even hit the press, when my mom managed to ace the childproof doorknob (that neither my husband or I can do, actually; so he says that solves the dilemma of his ever wandering away...), shot outside and headed straight to our Chevy Blazer and got in the driver's seat. Fumbling ineptly behind her, I managed to get to the car and nab the keys before she discovered if she "remembered how to drive this thing".

And isn't that what diligent caregiving is all about, really? At every turn, we are learning through raw experience what works and what very much doesn't. When we come so close to "buying the farm" but we don't.

I learned I needed to watch carefully that she swallowed all her medication on the day she handed me one of her anti-depressants at least 12 hours after she was supposed to take it. Where had it been hiding all this time? Was she was hoarding pills like a chipmunk now?

I learned to put all the hygiene accessories away where she can't find them on the night I found her in the bathroom stabbing the underside of the toilet seat with a pair of surgical scissors.

I learned to be certain her hearing aids were secure in their little nest before she went to bed on the morning her hearing aid went missing and I fished through the trash looking for it. Do you have any idea how many things look like a hearing aid, especially if you floss?

I learned to keep track of the glasses and sunglasses. Thank goodness she doesn't have false teeth and glass eyes! And the checkbook, and the credit cards...and now all the car keys.

We are exceptional learners, we Caregivers. It is the air we breathe as we try to outsmart and outrun the diseases that plague our loved ones with resilience and resourcefulness. Here's to Us!

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Thanks for sharing the many ways that dementia shows its face in your house - its very creative that is for sure:) Your sense of humor is wonderful - I hope to be more like you eventually but I'm still a bit new at this game. I'm glad you quit your job at Anxieties \"R\" Us! Keep up the great j inspiration - Thank you!


I do heartily thank you, LilMagill, for that compliment, but anyone who really knows me would have a good chuckle on that. I'm Senior Merchandise Buyer for Anxieties \"R\" Us (only kidding). I spent my entire life being anxious and trying to be prepared for every possibility; only now being \"old\" do I start to see some relief from it. You are PERFECT just the way you are!


I love the way you deal with problems with a sense of humor. You seem to be good at taking things day by day and adapting as you go along. I feel so anxious all the time, so worried that Something Bad Will Happen before I'm prepared, but I want to be more like you.


Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I so appreciate it!


Thanks, Pegi. you all are my inspiration.

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