Rage and Respite


Rage and Respite

hill-74571_640I have not been on here in a while. I have been mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I had thought that the light at the end of the tunnel would appear in January it did not. A promised position for my husband did not go through so I still can't afford the assisted living facility that I wanted to place mom in. Being able to travel this summer fell through because of that, so everything I looked forward to at the end of 2014 didn't happen. That reminded me of why I stayed pessimistic for so long. If I don't  look forward to things changing as far as caregiving, I won't be disappointed.

Two good things, well three, have manifested themselves. My husband did get another job, not the one that would have put us out of debt, but it isn't bad. I start a really good job with a health start up in Mountain View next week. The salary is great and we will be able to get our old health coverage back that I missed so much. I can afford adult day care and I found a respite center that is close by. I wanted Mom gone altogether but some respite is better than none at all.

I'm thankful for my new grandbaby and my migraine headaches seem to be going away. For now I'll just be content with that.

I know you guys usually expect something funny from me. Lately my humor is so dark I don't want to scare you. lol



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I will be adding you to my daily prayer list. I have missed you too! I love your humor, but I respect where you are at this time and cut you some slack! No pressure! HUGS! HUGE HUGS! I get the dark piece. Boy, I have been there! So, don't ever, for even a second, think you are alone! Again. HUGS AND PRAYERS!


Hi, Miss Angie! Great to hear from you again, no matter if it is humorous or not. Believe me I understand about days that are just not funny. I'm glad that some good things have happened for your family. Thanks for touching base and being honest.


MissAngie, I have missed you but understand you've had so much disappointment. I am so glad that you and hubby are getting back on track with jobs and respite with daycare. I am hoping the snuggle time with the new Grandbaby(boy?girl?) is chasing away the migraines!