Random or Not So Random Acts of Kindness


Random or Not So Random Acts of Kindness

English: A surfer in Santa Cruz, California. A... English: A surfer in Santa Cruz, California. A surfer is in freefall which means he's falling through the air from high up on a wave during a wipeout. (Wipeout is an unintentional fall while surfing, often a dramatic one). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After seeing my acupuncturist last night I'm in La La Land today and suddenly thought of this kind man who has a reputation as a surfer acupuncturist that many see as a 'Witch Doctor.' His clients and friends see him as not only a doc but a friend.

Point is that in our caregiving journeys there are big things like my dad telling me when I got home to rest and that there was dinner ready and would I like to join Mom and Dad for lunch today? Or a member on this site sending a chat message checking in to ask how I'm doing or Denise sending my avatar picture in her busy schedule.

I wonder how many of us see what we are doing for others because I don't. I do feel like I'm the surfer in a freefall as a caregiver a lot making things up as I go, trying to control the waves that I can't control.

Last night the phone line went down and Dad freaked out because Mom's Lifeline won't work when the phones are down. Mom then really flipped out calling out Dad's name and wandered around the house while I was trying to get her to go to bed and stumbling around myself because I needed to lay down after my treatment.

I think I'm saying that caregiving is a balancing act in which we are challenged to see the kindness in everyone, including ourselves. Like the fact that my father was not asking for my help when he was probably scared for my mom's life. Or maybe this is helping someone else, my freefalling talk. :}

Bless You Guys. il

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Oops it's both and thank you re the pic and thanks to Denise for getting me that avatar! Yup I takin' care of me for little while. ..\r\nnot much of a choice as far as my body is concerned :)\r\nil


Is that La La Land as in, relaxed and chillin' out? Or is that La La Land as in, spaced out and don't know what I'm doing today? Anyway, hope you're feeling good! Love your new pic! Nice to have folks taking care of you for a change, if only for a little speck of time.....