Real Life = Best Caregiving Market Research


Real Life = Best Caregiving Market Research

Our "Men Who Care" panel discussion.

I recently connected with a colleague who creates products to help those who care for a family member. During our conversation, he regularly referenced his research which drives him to create his products.

As he spoke about his research, I often thought, "Oh, boy, but that's not true."

During a conference I attended this summer which featured caregiving research, some researchers readily admitted their premises about caregiving which led to their research were wrong. Meaning, they made an assumption about the family caregiver experience and in the course of their research realized their assumption was incorrect.

In order for research to be helpful and correct, you have to know the best questions to ask and really understand the caregiving experience.

Our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference was an immersion into the family caregiver experience -- during and after. Because family caregivers and former family caregivers delivered presentations and participated on panel discussions, they shared an honest, real-word perspective of caregiving. We developed the content from our own perspectives not from what others perceive to be our experiences.

Our conference featured presentations given by current and former family caregivers to help current and former family caregivers.

During each session, presenters and the audience participated in a conversation about what it's really like. One of our attendees only spoke about caring for his wife to his support group. At our conference, he shared openly and honestly about how he felt, what his days were really like. A researcher from a Big 10 university stopped me in the hallway on Saturday during the conference and said, "This has been phenomenal."

While we met in Chicago, we were real. And that will really help anyone researching family caregivers issues and anyone considering launching a family caregiver product.

Our National Caregiving Conference is an experience that honors and embraces family caregivers and former family caregivers. It's also a critical event that educates health care professionals, companies and researchers. Our conference makes a positive impact from all perspectives.

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