Real or Dream? Or Both?


Real or Dream? Or Both?

police-drawing-30120_640I came home from work the other day, like almost all other days, at lunch time. Elly had the table set and some kind of leftovers sitting in a pan on the stove (Ugh). So, we sat down for lunch and Elly says, "I had a most interesting morning!" I said, "Okay, tell me about it."

So, Elly tells me that she had a phone call from "Awesome Hubby". She said AH needed $4,000 because he had been drinking and driving. She said that she told him, "Well, you are on your own! I don't have $4,000!" I just couldn't say anything at that point. My grandma has never seen us drink alcohol and AH has never been known to drink and drive unless it's Starbucks! But, she continued to say that AH was insistent that she bring the money to him and she argued that she didn't have that kind of money! I just shook my head. Elly said that AH kept talking but that she just hung up on him."He was just going to have to be on his own!" she said again.

I just didn't want to say much. I wasn't sure that this phone call actually took place but then again, I have heard a number of weird phone calls that she has received while I've been at home. It was very disturbing that someone would call her home phone number (which we don't use or list as our own), use AH's name as his own and then ask for money!!! I am wondering if any of the Dr. Phil Shows have had any influence on Elly's thinking so am really unsure of what is going on in the "real world".

I decided not to text or call AH and give him a head's up. So, later on in the afternoon, Elly has her feet up, lying on the couch reading her magazines as I am going in and out doing chores. One of the times I came back in, Elly stopped me and said, "I had the craziest dream!" She then went on to describe how a policeman had stopped AH for drunk driving and he ended up in jail! Again I couldn't begin to think of what to say that would have been constructive or positive! I just shook my head and said, "That is crazy".  I wasn't sure then that she dreamed that last night or while she had her eyes closed lying on the couch.

When AH comes in the back door, Elly says in a commanding voice, "When you have a minute, I need to speak with you." I am in the bedroom and just can't wait to hear what is next! AH sets his things down and says, "I am ready now." I almost bust out giggling just imagining what AH is thinking and what will come next! Elly asks him, "Do you always drink before you Drive?"

AH is confused and not sure of what to say. So Elly, tells him how she got his call today about needing $4,000 because he got pulled over by a policeman for drinking and driving on his motorcycle. She explains how she told him that he is just going to be on his own in that situation and she doesn't have that kind of money!

AH does laugh and make light of the situation. When he finally makes it to the bedroom, we both laugh and shake our heads. Neither one of us understands what may be going on for sure. We do know that unscrupulous people prey on the elderly and the elderly can also have a Mr. or Mrs. Dementia who shows up randomly to tickle our funny bones!

On a serious note, we will check our credit reports more often just to make sure that...

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I am so glad I can share some laughs!


People with dementia are definitely the best straight-faced comedians around. And it's so hard not to laugh at their comments_mysql sometimes! But the humor helps keep us caregivers going. We learn to laugh on the inside!