thorns-673752_640It can feel too real.

The pressure to pay to the bills.

The stress to make the right decision right now.

The anxiety about figuring out which solution will work.

The fear about letting go over and over and over.

It's all so real it feels surreal.

Honestly, you just really, really, really want to run away.

And, who could blame you?

You do deserve a break from all that's real before you break. You do need time away from what's going wrong. The space away from the problems often helps you figure out a comforting perspective.

The danger, though, is believing you must hide from what's real because it's just really too big for you. The most devastating problems only occur when you keep your head in the sand.

The reality is this: You are strong enough to face your reality. You are wise enough to find solutions. You are compassionate enough with yourself to receive support. You are courageous enough to let go.

You can.

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Louise Sullivan

A great message Denise, perfect for me right now as I navigate all the things I have to do before our harsh Canadian winter sets in. So many decisions, ones I never make on my own. Trying to get input from someone with his brain damage is impossible but I long for it to be the way it was, two people deciding what to do and how to do it. It is too big for me all in one chunk, I realize I have to break it all down, or I will break down. Reaching out has never been easy for me, but I am learning that I can't suffer in silence and ask people who I trust and love to help me.


Oh Denise, what a perfect message! As I sit here grieving the loss of my Dad, my initial reaction as I was reading this was \"But I had this under control! I was figuring out how to do all this new stuff: bills, doctors, legal stuff. I was being patient with him, I was (sort of) balancing work, home, hubby, kids, dog, and him. I was ready to take this on for a couple of years, so how can he be gone after just one month??\" Then I kept reading, and I got to your last point: \"You are courageous enough to let go.\" That is exactly what I needed to hear, and it's what he wanted. And he's counting on me to muster that courage. Thank you, Denise.