Reason to Give Thanks

It's been a while since Mom looked or seemed like herself. Lately she has shown signs of fatigue and aging. She's not the person I remember who was always bubbly and outgoing. Today she was exactly the opposite.

Mom could not wait to get out of the home. She was so excited the past few days and when I told her the dietician at dialysis said she could eat whatever she wanted, mom screamed out "Yippee!" :)

We picked mom up at 4 p.m. Our reservations were for 5 p.m. and we got to Mom a little early and since she has not seen the area which she now lives, we decided to take her around a bit. It was like old times and felt so good. When we got to the restaurant, mom was her old self. It was her first time out in a restaurant in a long time and she enjoyed every minute of it. Mom likes seafood. She ordered the biggest platter there was and had a few bites and the rest is left for me for lunch tomorrow. :)

Today I am thankful that my Thanksgiving wish came true. I spent it with my mom and my boyfriend and someone else had to do the dishes. :) I hope to have more Thanksgivings like this.

I hope everyone had a peaceful and memorable Thanksgiving.

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