sofa-575774_640If only you could kick back, recline in the La-Z-Boy, give your feet, your mind, your body a break.

But, because of the declines, you have to keep going.

The credit card got declined which means you have to figure out another way to pay for what you need.

Your caree's declines continue which means you have to pick up the pieces hoping you'll be able to fill in the holes.

You can feel your own decline, as your spirits, your faith, your hopes slide away. You must keep that smile so no one suspects the worries.

The declines add up so much that the recline in the La-Z-Boy seems silly. How can you take the time for a break with so much--and so much bad--happening?

Maybe a recline won't get the credit card approved, or stop your caree's declines, or somehow bring back a true smile. But the time to simply sit will help. Time spent resting your body and your mind is time well spent.

You work hard. You deserve a rest.

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Whenever I see a recliner, I think of Garrison Keillor's re-framing of it in his incredibly dry and humorous way.. it's not a Lazy-Boy, it's a Hopeless Slack-Ass.

Lillie Fuller

I love the time I spend in my recliner. Some days it's enough just to sit back, feet up, close my eyes and daydream! During the day my mom sits in her recliner right next to mine. At night when my mom's gone in her room for the night I love to light a few candles and just sit and think or pray or dream. I love, love, love my recliner where it seems all my problems are not allowed!