background-68622_640You're red.

In your  head, you're reading the riot act to anyone who will listen. No, you can't do that! No, you don't have time for this! No, you don't know how! No, you don't know why!

In essence:


You're seeing red because you don't want to see what's happening, what you'll have to do, what you'll soon face.

You'd much rather put on your rose-colored glasses and just see that's everything's okay.

You don't have to put on blinders. As heartbreaking and terrifying and worrying as the future may seem, you are in your present. In this moment, you have a chance to ask for help, to take a breath, to make a memory, to remind yourself how far you've come.

You'll see red when you take your eye off this moment. In this moment, you are doing your best (which is simply spectacular), you are making it work, you are okay.

You are okay.

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