Reflections On Stage Four Caregiving


Reflections On Stage Four Caregiving

clouds-210649_640Thank you, Denise. I was just re- reading the stages of caregiving. I am totally in stage four.

I agree that in stage four everything rolls off, nothing bothers you people think you are indifferent . They don't understand you have grown an extra thick skin and know you just have to do it, whatever it may be. You are the only one most of the time to deal with the things that no one else wants to deal with.

Lately mom is more incontinent. Thank God for my free cases of chardonnay and Moscato from the wine broker I work for. I take little wine and cheese breaks in the evenings. They help. Dealing with dirty depends and plastic sheets is no fun at all.

I feel for the lonely caregivers. Reading about lonely caregivers made me realize that I am blessed to have my husband and my adult kids and people from church dropping in. They drop in to eat but at least they drop in to visit Mom. She was really popular at her church before she got sick so I'm thankful for her friends that still come by.

Last week I mentioned our deacon friend was in stage five in dealing with his wife's death. He was so happy I went to her funeral. I usually don't attend funerals but since he visits Mom on Sundays I felt obligated to.

While at the funeral I ran into people who heard about my caregiver books and they wanted a copy. I had some in the car and I gave it to them. Ironically yesterday at Walmart I ran into another lady who borrowed the book from one one of the parishioners. She wants to add my Fruits of the Spirit for Caregivers to her book club reading list at the church. Things come full circle in a good way when you do things out of your comfort zone.

If you are encouraged to publish your blog as a book like I did and a few others on here have done,do it! You never know when one of your stories may encourage someone else in their next stage of caregiving.

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Hi-First, I'm so glad the stages have been helpful to you!\r\n\r\nSecond, I love the encouragement you offer at the end of your post. Made me think that it would be great to have you present at our next Virtual Caregiving Conference to share self-publishing how-to's. I think I should volunteered you. :)\r\n\r\nAlways great to hear from you--thanks for keeping us posted.