Remind Me to Remember


Remind Me to Remember


Easter Sunday 002

Sometimes even I forget who I'm dealing with. The other day I asked Dean to help me remember an appointment I had the next day: Eleven o'clock at the insurance office. I knew it would be right after his nurse and bath aide would be here, and I was hoping I wouldn't get so busy around the house that I'd forget the appointment.

But after a couple of hours of Dean asking me repeatedly what he was supposed to help me remember, I knew how foolish it had been to give a memory-challenged person such a task. He was trying so hard to carry my burden of remembering that I just couldn't come down hard on him, although my patience was wearing pretty thin about it.

Finally, we both just had a big laugh about the futility of my assignment, and it suddenly lifted his burden of remembering and gave me an alternative to screaming at him.

Bless his heart, he still remembered even the next day that I had something to do at eleven o'clock. He couldn't remember what, but at least he remembered to remind me. Now, that's love.

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Thanks for all the feedback. It did warm my heart too...he does try to please.


Such a sweet story. Your story is about how much changes and yet how much stays the same. :)\r\n\r\nWishing you a day today that you'll always remember.


I agree with Richard, Trish, and EG! I love that Dean was trying so hard, and that you could both turn frustration into laughter. We do that around here, too. :-) Big Kudos to you both.


I think it's great that you entrusted something to your hubby, treating him \"normal\" :) It is so good to have things to laugh about together and sometimes appointments just aren't super critical time-wise! Hurray to the two of you!