Reminder About our Wait and Phone Buddy Volunteer Programs


Reminder About our Wait and Phone Buddy Volunteer Programs

During caregiving, you wait. You wait during horribly stressful circumstances–a caree’s surgery or procedure or treatment. And, often, you wait alone.

You also may feel alone because so many around you just don't get what it's like. So, you endure alone.

To ensure you have company during a stressful wait, join our WAIT Buddy program.

To connect you with someone who can listen with empathy and understanding, join our Phone Buddy group.

You can join both groups and you can volunteer and receive through both groups.

About WAIT Buddy
WAIT means We Are In Touch. As you wait, a volunteer will send you text messages to keep in touch. The waiting could be in a hospital or clinic or doctor’s office. Or, the waiting could be at home, as you wait during your caree’s last days. Or, the waiting could be during a really long awful day, like a holiday, when you can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.

And, join our group when you need a WAIT Buddy. When you’re waiting, a WAIT Buddy checks in with you via text messages. When you need a WAIT Buddy, just post your request in our group. We’ll be in touch before the surgery or procedure or day to introduce you to your WAIT Buddy.

About Phone Buddy
A comforting phone call can be just the healing you need during a difficult time like caregiving. Connect with a volunteer who can call you on a regular basis; you and the volunteer decide on the timing of the calls.

Join WAIT and Phone Buddy
You can join the groups to be both a volunteer and a recipient, volunteering when you can and asking for a volunteer when you need one. Our group is private so only members of our website can see the information shared. Not a member? Create your free account and join us.

Join our WAIT Buddy group.

Join our Phone Buddy group to connect with a volunteer who calls you.

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Anne Lee

Hi, Denise. The conference is going to be awesome. The organization of tracks is a perfect way to make the most of time for attendees. I truly wish I was attending this year. I will pay more attention re: next year's conference.