glossy_heartWhen the day dawns, your heart sinks. I can't, you can't help but think, do this again.

It's the same day over and over. Yesterday is a repeat of Monday, which is a repeat of Sunday, which is a repeat of Saturday.

The repetition, the sameness has become drudgery. What you do, how you feel, what you can accomplish--it's all the same. And, it just doesn't feel good.

It's understandable you would resist repeating. Who wants to rerun their bad days? Who wants to face the same pain, the same frustration, the same disappointment?

Caregiving can be about bad days. Your caree declines. You can't find enough patience. Your caree declines. You can't keep up with the demands. Your caree declines. You can't keep up.

When we can't face our days, we may be avoiding what we can't face: That we're not up to the task at hand, that we're not good enough, kind enough, tough enough.

The thought, I'm not enough, is the thought that will keep you in bed. That's the repetition in your heart that causes your mind to say, "I can't."

Except that's not the truth. The truth is: You are enough. You are created to be enough. In every way, you are enough. You care enough. You do enough. You love enough. And, when you worry you don't know enough, you have us to fill in the blanks.

You're enough to make the most of every day, to find a good moment in every day, to find your time in every day. Knowing you are enough puts you in the powerful place of receiving. When you know you are enough, you'll be able to get enough help, enjoy enough support, take enough breaks for yourself.

Repeat this: I am enough.

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Denise: I very much related to what you said. It is that nagging thought or feeling of not being enough that had dragged me down to a very low place and made me feel I couldn't. Now I know it's a lie. I am enough. My caree thinks so and she tells me I am. I've had problems with self-esteem ever since I was a kid. Those core beliefs inherited while young have a tendency to tenaciously stick around until they are unearthed, re-examined and discarded. And, in their place, new adaptive, health and growth producing thoughts and beliefs, and affirmations put in their place. Thanks.....