Repeat, Repeat and Repeat Again


Repeat, Repeat and Repeat Again

question-mark-460869_640The last two weeks have been full of anxiety and pain for my husband, Tony. Call the doctor, don't call the doctor. Change the meds, don't change the meds. Go to bed, don't go to bed.

In the meantime, I explain everything over and over. I've said all this before. "Okay, I forget"  sometimes is his answer. But it was only 10 minutes ago.

So now the conclusion I've reached is to do the best I can and hope things change for the better for a few days, anyway.

The next challenge is to keep him from falling. I hope he calls me for help and doesn't wait until it's too late.

I've got my fingers crossed that things stay calm.

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Kaz, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one. I get so frustrated with my husband. My problem is my husband is so stubborn he will not admit to forgetting. He will blame me that I did not tell him, it is so exhausting constantly trying to keep up with all of his needs, the kids and my own things.


Kaz, the concern about falls would be very worrisome. I hope he lets you know, too, in time to help, if he needs it.\r\nAbout the repetition and how quickly he forgets - you are way ahead of where we are in this process, my husband still very independent; he's forgetful of things, but so far will read the calendar on which I write what's happening. His anxiety level goes way up when anything unexpected occurs, so I'm learning to remind him, but I only need to do it once a day or so. I can imagine, am beginning to see inklings of what's to come, can imagine somewhat how the repetition gets wearing. It sounds like you're doing the best anyone could do. I hope you get a rest and that things stay calm.


Thanks for blogging about this Kaz. I related to it all.....I had to chuckle when you said your hubby andswers \"Ok, I forget\". \" My DH says the same thing \"I forget\" . I often find myself thinking, \"OMG we are discussing this again?\"...\"you dont remember we just talked about that?\" ...\"I dont believe it! \". Then I tell myself \"well, believe it , calm down...its the disease\"....(easy to say/harder to do on a 24/7 basis though). I guess in my world, I get something settled or \"said\", and I'm moving on to the next thing at hand. I dont have much energy for back tracking & repeats. In his world, he's battleing the effects of his disease 24/7. Somehow, by the grace of God, we get through the day. One thing for sure, I'm learning to savor the calmer, peaceful kinda days. Praying you get a few better days.


That repeating does get old, doesn't it? We have a lot of that going on around here too. That's why I put the day of the week and month clearly where he can see it, along with anything happening that day. I can just point to the sign when he asks for the thousandth time \"what are we doing today?\"


I love that you are blogging, Kaz. :)\r\n\r\nThe repetition can be so difficult to manage. You're not only repeating your words but really repeating the problems over and over. You can't find the solutions that will truly help so the problems keep coming back. And, you are doing everything possible to find solutions, it's just that the good solutions just aren't available.\r\n\r\nI, too, hope that you and Tony can enjoy some calm. You both deserve peace.