Respite Bed and Breakfast for Caregivers


Respite Bed and Breakfast for Caregivers


This is my first blog post and I am pending my Caregiving Consultant Certification. I am currently a Licensed Social Worker working as a Caregiver Support Specialist. I recently shared my dream of having a Respite Bed and Breakfast for Caregivers!

I am putting this out there into the Universe so to speak with hopes that this will continue to motivate and inspire me to move forward with this dream. First of all I would love to have input from family caregivers as to what they would like to see in a bed and breakfast.

So far my plans are to have a location that is within walking distance of shops and activities as well as close to a Senior Adult Day Service where the loved one could go during the day if you need to bring your loved one along. I plan to have spa services either in house or close by. I plan to have educational resources (library and speaking events) and supports including Powerful Tools for Caregivers which I am also trained in.

Please reach out and let me know your dream bed and breakfast and any locations/services etc that you feel would be helpful.

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Theresa Niewiadomski

Thanks Alison! Where are you located?

Rachel Hiles

Hi Theresa! Welcome to the CCC club.\r\nI also have a similar idea. I’d love to explore this idea with you.


WOW! What a dream!