Restore, Distance, Avoid


Restore, Distance, Avoid


Some sentences came to mind as I looked at Denise's three words for the Community Caregiving Journal.

I wish I could RESTORE the relationship I had with my grandmother. My relationship as a child seemed like such a wonderful one looking back from where we are today. I know there are others who may have a similar feeling.

I feel the DISTANCE in Grandma's demeanor today as she sits and stares out the window onto the browning lawn and hot, humid sunshine. We've had some really, really hot days and while it is cool inside (for a hefty price) it seems she longs for something but won't express it.

I work very hard to AVOID unnecessary confrontations with Grandma. I am successful only some of the time. I really want to have a peaceful home with her but it gets to be hard at times. It's the opposite in my relationship with AwesomeHubby; I can't AVOID some of the confrontations we have because we are both willing and committed to working together!

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

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Ah, EG, your post really touches my heart. It's sad when caregiving seems to somehow taint a relationship. I also wish for you the relationship you had with your grandmother. \r\n\r\nI hope peaceful moments settle into your house. And, it would be wonderful if Elly could look away from the window and see that love waits for her, right in her own home.