Ribbons of Love from the Twisted Stitchers


Ribbons of Love from the Twisted Stitchers

Photo by Lilly Trials (twitter.com/LillyTrials)

Our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference brought many special touches to attendees especially ribbons of care lovingly stitched by a group of volunteers.

When attendees arrived at the conference they received one of three stitched ribbons: Orange if they currently care, green if they previously cared and orange/green if they have both a current and previous caregiving experience.

The group who created the ribbons is Twisted Stitchers and and our own Diane Glittenberg (@didi), who cares for her mom, is a member. When Diane saw my post about Ribbons of Care, she suggested she and her fellow stitchers create special ribbons for our National Caregiving Conference attendees.

Our ribbons also joined us at our Day of Service where church members at Trinity United Church of Christ received ribbons.

Thanks so much to Diane and her fellow stitchers. We treasure our ribbons!

About the Twisted Stitchers

We are a Christian-based group that meets on Friday mornings at the Dyer United Methodist Church. We all either crochet, knit or do both. We are made up of all ages from young adults on up and welcome anyone who wants to come and join us. We have made great friendships with each other and we enjoy going out to lunch together after knitting.

We make chemo hats for the cancer patients at our local chemotherapy center, and lap blankets for the nursing home and the chemo center. We also make hats, gloves and scarves for the homeless. We make prayer blankets and shawls and blankets for the baptisms of the babies in our congregation. Each person buys their own yarn to make all of the items and we ask for no money in return.

All of us in the group know the sacrifice it takes to be a family caregiver and we wanted to do something special for you, so we made these ribbons for you to wear. God Bless you for doing what you do.

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