Rough Week Finally Ending


Rough Week Finally Ending

riverbed-261250_640I am the person who researches A LOT. I know about all there is to know about frontotemporal degeneration since this journey began.

On Tuesday, I decided to attend a local FTD support group. I followed my Garmin instructions and it took me two hours to get there! It is a 45-minute drive. The traffic was horrible, as it started at 6:30, so rush hour Atlanta. I was a little late (which I hate). There were 10 people there. Everyone shared where their caree was (99% were spouses) in the process. I got to meet someone I talked with on the FTD forum, and that was nice.

Although my mother-in-law died of this disease, this support meeting just sort of slapped me in the face. The reality of what is to come came crashing home. I was glad to hear people whose spouses were two years post diagnosis and still about the same, that was encouraging. Those who were more years out were not as pleasant to hear.

Wednesday was a BAD day. I felt so overwhelmed by pending decisions. I could not focus, I kept forgetting things. I would stop mid story and think....what was I saying?

Thursday I went to my psych appointment for my antidepressant follow-up. I explained that I felt the dose had been fine, but Wednesday was not good. I told her why. She said these very wise words "I would worry if you did not have a day like that after the meeting. This is normal, and we don't treat normal."

I got to thinking about that in the course of just caregiving. We have a new "normal." We have to get used to it being "normal." We don't need to treat "normal." It is okay to have bad days when this is your "normal."

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I love how you keep going, Sharon. It's definitely a difficult time and yet you continue. One step at a time, you will make it. \r\n\r\nKeep writing to us because we know you can. :)


Sharon, my heart goes out to you. I'm so glad you have support when you get that \"slap in the face\". You have armed yourself well by researching, recognizing the need and taking action on your own mental health, braving the traffic to go to the FTD support group, and you have us here. You are brave to face this head on, rather than letting denial make this journey harder. I admire how you are handing all. Hugs.

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for sharing... I feel honored to be on this journey with you, thank you for trusting me enough to share with me. You know where to find me if you need to talk. I cherish the support you give me and the advice.


You are brave, Sharon, in so many ways. I can't imagine anything other than the pure devotion you have for your husband that would compel me to drive in traffic like that. So brave. So strong.\r\nThe new normal is a completely different frame of reference from the rest of the world. What is more surprising, really, is your concept of \"bad day\". The rest of the world would consider just one of your normal days a great challenge. You are doing an amazing job.