sandwiches-541858_640This morning, I started the day by taking my son's stool sample to the lab. He's been having vague digestive trouble for weeks, since before Thanksgiving - some infrequent diarrhea, some queasiness, some feelings of extreme hunger. He had that last symptom this morning. While I was waiting in the lab, he called and asked in a tearful voice if I could please bring him some food. I rushed back across town and bought a Lunchable snack (cheese, crackers, turkey) at the drug store next to the school and took it to him. We got to sit in an empty office while he ate, and when he finished, he felt much better and went back to school. Later today, his doctor called to say his blood work had come back normal. The stool sample will take a couple more days.

When I got home, I tended to the dog and then got ready for Mom's doctor's appointment. I urged her to eat a snack because the appointment was a work-in at noon. I made a list of her meds (which they ask for and never look at because why? nothing changes) and drove her to the office, where we waited an hour, between the waiting room and the exam room. The doctor is great - she engaged totally with my mom, which encouraged Mom to express herself, and I added the information the doctor needed to have. She cut Mom's water pill dose to 1/4, hoping to decrease the side effects and still keep enough of the benefit. Her blood pressure was fantastic. Better than mine! I took her to Wendy's for a late lunch - almost the only restaurant she's comfortable with these days, but she loves it, so we go! A lot! And then home.

Half an hour later, I left again to take the car to the tire place because one tire was almost flat. Then I walked over to the grocery store to get Mom's new prescription and vitamins, and then my husband picked me up and brought me home so I could do an hour-long proofreading job. As soon as I finished that, I fixed dinner (microwaved leftovers, thank GOD) for Mom and Anthony and replaced Mom's old water pills in the pill caddy with the new tiny ones and added in the Preservision vitamins she was out of.

My husband has been having medical tests as well for similarly (but not similar) vague digestive problems. His blood work and CT scan were clear, but now he has to go for a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. He is 50 so it is time anyway, they say.

I got my car back freshly aligned with new tires and a new serpentine belt, whatever that is. Thank God for credit cards as well. At least the car is well and truly healed. I wish my family members were as easy to fix.

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