Saturday Morning Respite?


Saturday Morning Respite?

Screaming-blog-postSo, things have been going pretty smoothly and quietly. I still need breaks, but Mom hasn't had any psychotic episodes for weeks now, until this morning. I was so excited for my first Saturday away from her. The Senior Helper is coming at Noon.

In May, the psychiatrist put Mom on Aricept and Trazadone. The 25 mg she prescribed was not enough and did nothing to help her sleep or calm her, so I have been giving the full tablet and for weeks things have been well. She saw the doctor just yesterday. Well, I don't know why, but this morning she was agitated and trying to get out of the house. She was telling me she has to go see her mother and father. I told her she is home and to go back to bed. Of course she said, "No, I am not home"and"No, I won't go back to bed." It does no good to argue. It does no good to do anything. She has super human strength and will not even allow me to wheel her to her room. So I ignored her.

Next thing I know, her wheel chair is in the kitchen by the dog gate to the living room and the front door. She is sitting in a chair by the front door saying, "I cannot get it open," I keep the front door locked and she cannot open the dog gate. She climbed (she has one usable leg and the other is chronically dislocated at the hip and so six inches short than the other) over the dog gate to ge to the front door! The worst part is that she was put on blood thinners a few weeks ago for DVT! Oy Vey! I don't know how much longer I can take this. I am worried now and stressed out. If I try to stop her from trying to leave when she is like this she bite me or kicks me or she will hurt herself. If I let her go she tries to leave. I just want to graduate already and find a place for her that can handle this. She needs a place with door alarms and other safety features (like a half a dozen pairs of eyes).  I know people can fall and try to escape, nothing is fool proof, but at least the stress will be spread out and off of me.

On top of the confusion, Mom was pooped heel to waist. She also must have pooped in the night and put the soiled Depends in the trash can by her bed. The dog found it. Need I say more? I cleaned her up and fortunately, she did not get it all over the house in her quest to go home.


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Hang in there, Jenn. Your mom is definitely giving you a run for your proverbial money. It's a sad fact of life that dogs love dirty diapers! I can think of a few episodes to which my own (previous) dogs treated me. Glad the mess was relatively contained.

Lillie Fuller

You have your hands full my friend! You're a good daughter and a great caregiver! Keep blogging, keep talking to us, keep going to school and breathe girl! You'll get through this. I know that some days you must feel that you won't but I have faith in you. Anytime you need to talk I'm here for you, find me here or on Facebook! Chin up! I want to know what you did in your two hours at the gym today!!! :)


Thanks so much Sally for being a care-giver to me! XO