camera-514992_640You may look over your shoulder and think:

I should have saved more money.

I should have saved my thoughts in a journal.

I should have saved my memories in more photos.

I should have, somehow, saved my caree from all this pain and suffering.

Save yourself from the shoulds.

Shoulds about your past only add regrets to your today. Your solutions, which become the salve for your regrets, live in today. Decide today to save a dollar, jot down a few notes in a journal, take a photo, give your caree a few extra hugs, your brightest smile, your empathetic ear. Whatever you treasure, take a moment today to preserve it.

What you save today will be what blesses you tomorrow.


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Thank you for this! I needed to stop the \"should\" in my head about photos. I simply cannot capture all the photos I wish I could. If I try, I'll turn into a photographer behind a camera, instead of a human being participating in life. I appreciate this great post.


A well-worded and welcome reminder! :)