Say Yes to NCC17


Say Yes to NCC17

During a caregiving experience, "No" feels like the go-to word.

"Can you go to the movies on Saturday?"
"No, I'm not able to get out on Saturday."

"Would you like to use this extra ticket to the concert next week?"
"No, I'm afraid I won't be able to go."

So many possibilities arrive only to be shown the door. It can be demoralizing and frustrating to feel like you just can't participate in life.

Which is the vast majority of panelists and presenters at our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference either currently care or previously cared for a family member. Our conference is our way of creating possibilities for you, for reminding you that "Yes's" remain for you.

Won't you say "yes" to our conference?

Say yes as a NCC17 conference sponsor or exhibitor to support our efforts to create a special, cherished experience for attendees.

Say yes by attending our conference in Chicago. We know a "yes" to come to Chicago is hard which is why we make it easy once you arrive. Once you get to our conference hotel (the Chicago Marriott O'Hare), all you need to do is join us at the registration table and we'll take care of you. We've got the rest covered, including a two-day respite program for your caree.

Say yes by attending our conference virtually if you can't join us in Chicago. We know organizing a trip is hard which is why we'll broadcast a conference track on Friday and our general sessions on Saturday. During our live broadcast, you can connect and share with other conference attendees in our conference chat room. (Check out our NCC17 Virtual Agenda.)

Say yes because you've already had your share of no's.

(Our conference app is available! Please download our conference app to connect with other attendees and plan your schedule. The app will work on any device. In the app store, please search for cgevents and download. Once you download the app, you will see the 2017 Conference. Click on that event and press download. You'll want to use our app if you've registered to join us in person or virtually at the Second Annual National Caregiving Conference.)

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