Sea Urchins


Sea Urchins

Sea urchins like this purple sea urchin can da... Sea urchins like this purple sea urchin can damage kelp forests by chewing through kelp holdfasts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ya know those thoughts that are sea urchins that you say to yourself, OK I need to do things differently?  Or, I should be OK with my computer down but I need that lifeline of the caregiving site?

Denise's post of what do we worry about when the lights go out is to me profound as I just can't seem to let go because there is so much beyond my control.  I can't control Mom's dementia, I can't control much at all in life. What we can control is ourselves and even then it's difficult.

Like right now it's, Uh why am I blogging when I need to rest and be with Mom? Because I need the lifeline of those who care and feel the things I do in this journey of caregiving.

Urchins are beautiful and we need to treat them with loving kindness or they'll sting!

Good to be back even if it was a couple of days!


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