Sunrise Over the AtlanticDuring a tough time, I find myself searching.

It's like I open a closet door and begin to pull out whatever my hand can reach. I'm not in the closet trying to create order. I'm not looking for an answer. I'm not even interested in finding meaning.

I'm looking to feel better. I'm searching for comfort.

And, it's not a comfort like a guarantee that it will all work out. Because a serious setback has set me on my search and nothing will convince that all will be okay. The uncertainty of the future convinces me that I cannot buy a warranty.

No, I'm looking for comfort. It's a comforting hand that steadies my heart. It's a comforting word that tells me I'm not wrong. It's a comforting smile that reminds me that a failure will not end me. It's a comforting encouragement that inspires me to try again.

I'm looking for comfort that assures me I can let go of worry and embrace hope. When I find comfort, I locate my hope.

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Beautiful and powerful Denise


(((Hugs)))\r\n\"The uncertainty of the future convinces me that I cannot buy a warranty.\" -- Love this. (My mind just started playing \"Stairway to Heaven.\") And the follow-up is perfect: \"When I find comfort, I locate my hope.\"\r\n\r\nWishing you much, much comfort, from your wisdom-within and from everyone around you.


Nice Denise. Spot on. Sleep Well. (((hugs))) il