Searching for Life


Searching for Life

folding-map-360382_640Well the last I blogged as I was trying to move on. I guess I still am.

Now I'm searching for a life. There just doesn't seem to be a purpose, nothing to do. Yes, I keep busy working part time, seeing family and friends but it seems there is no purpose for it all except it's life.

Well I decided to move in with my daughter which will be the 1st of November. It was a decision I made after talking to one of Tony's friends. She said to me she wished she had a daughter who would want me to come and live with her. I took it as a sign from Tony that it is what I should do since I hate coming home. I did talk with a few people about my decision and they all thought it was a great idea.

So I guess this is my way of searching for life and finding that purpose again.

Just to add a note: I think of you all and hope your caregiving life is as normal as it can be. Hope all of you are doing well and my thoughts and prayers  are with you.

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So good to hear from you, Kaz. I hope this move is all you wish you to be, and the perfect situation.


Hi Kaz, I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. They are understandable considering your loss. Its very hard to find a new purpose, especially while grieving all that has been lost, all that is different. If I can share, I struggled with how to fill the time after my caregiving journey ended. I hope your move goes well in November. You are in my thoughts. xo


Kaz, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and thanks also for the update. It seems that you are making your way step by step and I'm very glad to know that.


(((Hugs))) \r\n\r\nTransitions are never really easy, are they? But yes, you are blessed to have a daughter who loves you, and will welcome you. My mom's passing has made me very aware, as never before, how blessed I am myself, in having a good, loving, and joyful relationship with my own daughter. The sort that my Mom and I never had.