Second Annual National Caregiving Conference: Join Us Nov. 10 and 11


Second Annual National Caregiving Conference: Join Us Nov. 10 and 11

Over the past few days, I've heard from those who've made their plans to attend our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference.

Lillie, who cares for her mom, wrote that she will be using the five-day respite benefit through hospice in order to attend. She and her mom (her caree) will begin to make arrangements for her mom to enter a hospice unit while Lillie attends the conference. Lillie even added on two days to her trip so she takes full advantage of the break. When hospice shared about the five-day respite benefit with Lillie and her mom, Lillie's mom immediately said, "Oh, good. My daughter wants to go to Chicago in November."

Christine shared that she's made her travel arrangements from California to join us as a volunteer. "Put me anywhere you need me," she wrote. She'll be returning to the conference to share a room with a friend who cares for her parents and lives in Milwaukee. Her friend will drive from Milwaukee to Chicago to attend the conference.

Will you join us, too?

Our conference, which will take place on November 10 and 11 at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare, 8535 W. Higgins, will bring together those who currently care for a family member and those who previously cared for a family member. In addition, professionals who work with family caregivers and those interested in family caregiver issues will join us.

Our conference is about what caregiving is like for us. The majority of our sessions and panel discussions will be led by current and former family caregivers. We will gather to talk honestly about our experiences and to share solutions and ideas to make it better.

This year’s conference theme is Our Boldest Hours: Before. During. After. Our conference theme will remind us of our boldest hours before, during and after our caregiving experience. Our theme also challenges us to be bold before we gather in November, while we gather during our conference, and then after our conference ends. (Watch our bold videos.)

We've packed our agenda with sessions that will offer information, insights and inspirations. Teepa Snow, one of America’s leading educators on dementia, will lead a special two-hour presentation, “ABCs to Cope with Behavior,” on Saturday, November 11. Other conference highlights include:

  • Two special summitsCaregiving and the Workplace and Caregiving and our Houses of Worship — on November 10.

  • Four-hour training for anyone interested in becoming a respite volunteer on November 10.

  • Our fashion show on November 11, which was our fan favorite from last year's conference.

  • Health care and allied health care professionals can earn 12 continuing education hours for attending both conference days.

You may be tempted to attend but worried about how to make attending our conference happen. Some suggestions to help:

  • Talk out your desire to attend with other family members and friends, suggested Elizabeth Miller, who attended last year's conference and will be presenting this year. Sharing how much you want to attend can help make it happen. You can listen to my discussion with Elizabeth during our recent podcast, Elizabeth's Bold Moment.

  • You will be in good company at our conference. Many of last year's attendees arrived alone and left with friendships and support that have remained with them throughout the year.

  • Check out our ideas for you to get help for your caree while you attend our conference. (We're working hard to have a respite room at our conference so your caree can enjoy activities and socialization while you attend our sessions. We'll keep you posted. Want to attend our conference and make a difference? Volunteer to help in our respite room.)

We understand that the logistics of caregiving may make attending our conference in person difficult. This year, we will broadcast sessions from our two-day conference. You can watch virtually and connect with other viewers in the chat room. Check out our virtual agenda.

In addition, we've partnered with PlayBack Now to record as many of our sessions as possible. When you purchase one of our conference recording packages, you'll receive PowerPoints synced to audio, so you'll feel like you're right there in the conference room attending the session. (Please note: Teepa Snow’s workshop will not be recorded, which means her presentation will not be included in our conference recording packages or the archive of our live stream. You can watch Teepa’s presentation during our conference live streaming on November 11 (or in person at our conference).)

We've planned two very special days which I believe will keep your heart warm long after you leave our conference. Caregiving can leave you feeling like you're out in the cold on your own. Come out of the cold. Come to our conference.

Register to join us in person or virtually. Take advantage of our early-bird rate by registering before September 1.

We are so very grateful for the support of the following sponsor of our National Caregiving Conference:
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