September 10

Mum is over her crisis, but we're still not sure what it was or what caused it. She didn't want to eat Monday or Tuesday. We got about 1 litre of sustenance into her on Monday via syringes while she was sleeping. She sucks away at the syringe in her sleep. Tuesday, the same kind of treatment.

I was discouraged by Tuesday night when I looked through the glass doors from where I was watering the grass and see one of the aids feeding mum a grilled cheese sandwich and mum chomping it down. Grilled cheese for breakfast Wednesday morning too.

One of the helpers brought eggs that her chickens laid. They are so cute! Very small and pastel shades of green and pink! Mum had one on toast today.

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to the wholesale store to buy the huge closed packages of geriatric diapers. One of the aids is going with me as I can't lift those weights anymore. Today I'm going to find time to go by mum's geriatrician to pick up the prescription for her meds that help her sleep at night then over the weekend go to the drugstore that offers the best discount prices. There are always errands to do for mum!

The weather is still dry and hot. The humidity is below 30% and dropping. We need rain! Our state has been declared an environmental disaster area due to all the grass fires. We are cooking! The cicadas that always 'call for' the rain haven't even started piping yet. There is usually 2 weeks or more of cicadas screaching before it rains. Here's hoping this year they're off schedule!!

The grass in my backyard is burning up as you can see from the picture below:

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