Setting Boundaries


Setting Boundaries

fence-238475_640What to do.

My Mom saw her GP today. She's been having migraines more often. As she was summarizing what she was ordering for me, she turned to me and said,

"And you, you need to make her an eye doctor appointment."

Okay, that set my teeth on edge.

This is the second time that she's ordered me to do something concerning my mother. The first time I kept my mouth shut. This time I didn't.

As my Mom was going to check out, I got the doctor's attention and said this:

"Doctor, I don't mean to be rude--but don't tell me what to do."


"Don't ever tell me what to do again. You understand?"


I believe technically she's a good doctor but she's acts unprofessional at times and is a little mouthy. She's badmouthed doctors and complained about things in front of us that she should keep to herself. She's also from a different country and maybe doesn't realize she's being offensive.

After I told Mom what went on she was upset. She said,

"Lisa, you shouldn't have done that. That could hurt things between me and her."

"Mom, that was between me and the doctor. I was just setting some boundaries. I kept my mouth shut the last time but she needs to learn to act more professional and pay attention to what she says."

What's your thoughts? Has anyone encountered a doctor like this. Was I being too sensitive? Should I have stayed quiet?

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