Share Your Story With Us


Share Your Story With Us

curtain-165488_640I hear all the time: You must have a personal caregiving story which inspired you to start your work.

The truth is: I don't have a personal caregiving story (yet--mine is beginning). What I did have, back in 1990, was the personal stories family caregivers told me. I was a manager of a respite program for family caregivers in Hunterdon County, N.J. I met family caregivers. I listened to their stories. I was fascinated.

Their stories made me want to support them. So, I started a business, launched a print publication called Caregiving! (first issue: January 1995, last issue: April 2005) and then kept going. And, what keeps me going are your stories.

I told your stories through my newsletter and then the website I first created in 1996. And, then, John Barger created blogging, which meant you could tell your own story. In 2005, I heard about blogging and remember having this fervent desire to create a way for you to blog on my site. It took me a few years to find the right way to do this. But I did. In 2008, Sharon and Tara became our very first bloggers. Sharon and Tara were both family caregivers but they both had very different stories to tell. And, that's why I love caregiving stories. No one is ever the same. And, no one caregiving story should ever stay silent.

I love to explore different vehicles to use through which you can tell you stories. In 2008, I found a way to feature your stories through an Internet talk show. I also know that art tells a story, which led to our Caregiving Art Show, which happens every September. Last year, I figured out a way for you tell your story through video.

I want to invite you to tell your story. You may have found that finding an audience for your story of how you care is difficult. Because the story of caregiving involves difficulty. But, here, oh!, we love your story.

So, start your blog; just create your free account.

Join our Community Caregiving Journal.

Send me an email and tell me you'd like to be a guest on an upcoming talk show.

Enter your artwork in our Caregiving Art Show Contest.

Sign up to tell us your story on July 20, when our next Story-Telling Sunday happens.

Give a Care Talk.

Share you story as a working family caregiver.

Or, simply share your story in our groups or through your comments on our posts or in our daily chats.

You've always had a story to tell. Here, you have an audience ready to read (or listen or watch or view).

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