Sitting in traffic today, the radio DJ made me smile to hear that “escaping to the beach” ranked as one of the top five most common shared fantasies. (Second to winning the lottery.)

We should all be so lucky to have the time and means to escape to the shore. Or for that matter, wherever your favorite vacation spot is located, to rest and rejuvenate!

I rescued a cocktail napkin musing that my sister wrote last summer after a day we spent together, with our girls, on a Cape Cod bay side beach. A quick jot, throw-away poem to her was gold to me. Beach-find shells can be like that too.

A chipped knobbed whelk (the classic ‘listen to the ocean’ spiral shell) may be tossed aside, whereas an un-assuming, sweet slipper shell could catch your eye. (Such was the case of how my engagement ring was presented so many years ago. Caught my eye indeed!)  Every so often, as we’re mired in the daily tasks of caregiving, it’s nice to remember that memories are our best escape.

sun splashed waves

washing closer to

toes dug deep

in the sand


dragging chairs

hermit crabs digging

plum juice dripping

down chins smeared

white with sun block



on boogie boards


baby eels swimming


azure blue sky


our day

~ Claudia Bauman, July 2016

Happy summer to all of us hard-working family caregivers- past and present!  I love reading all of the posts and comments on this site, whether a quick beach reverie or neighborhood block party . We all benefit from hearing about easy days and the blessed, up-side of caregiving.

Source: Adapted for from Sarahbeth’s website,

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Ahhh, the days so long ago when taking the babies to the beach was a \"thing\". Yes, the ocean sounds can really relax and memories of family gatherings bring a smile! Thanks for triggering memories!


Hi Babs my dear, sorry that's where you're at. Been there. Anything in particular to share? If ever there was a place where people can relate, (and quite possibly help- if even with a kind word of understanding and support) this is it. Hang tough my friend, Sb


I live eight miles from the beach and I would escape to it except I would have to climb over piles of tourists to get to the ocean. LOL!\n