She's Still "In Control"!


She's Still "In Control"!

bath-towel-orange-mdThis last week was again a success in the showering department.

Our Wonderful Angela (WA) has come twice now to help Elly with her shower. Thursday's episode could have gone wrong, but WA called and talked to Elly, letting her know that she would be coming out at 3:30 p.m. to help with her shower and wash her hair. Elly said that was okay and remembered that her hair needed to be washed for Friday's hair appointment.

I heard this conversation while sitting at lunch with Elly. WA calls me later on to let me know she was running late but would be coming soon. When WA arrived, she set her bag down and spoke to Elly, saying that she was here to help with her shower and sorry she was late. Elly looked at her and said, "I didn't know you were coming today!" WA responded with, "I called you this morning and spoke with you, unless it wasn't you I spoke with but..." then she looks at me shaking my head that yes, she did speak with Elly. I had warned WA on the first visit that Mrs. Dementia was in the house but we never knew when she might show up, just be forewarned but make sure I always got a call!! So WA  just laughed it off and got Elly comfy into the shower scene.

This morning, after I came home from church and was reading the paper the phone rings. Elly answers her phone and I can hear very plainly the conversation. It is Elly's primary doctor who says she would like to talk to me (EG) or NurseySister. Elly asks her to repeat this so the doctor does. Elly's response is then, "Well, Why do you want to talk to her? You can just talk to me!"

So, the doctor explains that Elly's thyroid is low according to lab results from the hospital so she wants to know if Elly is taking her Thyroid pill every day or did she miss? Elly, of course, says she takes them every day. The doctor then says that she wants Elly to take an extra half pill on Sundays. Elly says, Okay. The doctor then asks Elly to repeat the directions, she does and gets it right. The doctor is done with the call as Elly states that she will be seeing the doctor in a few days (Wednesday) then hangs up.

AH and I are just stifling giggles! Elly gets up and goes to her medicine cabinet in the kitchen and searches for her thyroid pills. I have to show her which bottle it is. Before I even turn around, Elly has a pill out of the bottle and is cutting it with a knife on the counter!! I say to her, "That's not such a great idea using a knife right on the counter. I have a pill cutter right here." She says, "I know, I'll just do this one time." I have been scolded if it even looks like a knife may touch the counter! She takes both halves to the daily pill box and I ask her what she is doing with the extra half. She says, "I am putting it into Monday's slot since the doctor wants me to take one and a half pills every day." I say, Okay, and will remove it later.

I know something must be up in Elly's thinking since she is not eating breakfast first thing anymore but waiting until after 8 a.m. She also has not made oatmeal for her breakfast this last week but eats the "Sweet Cheerios" in the cupboard. Elly is also gotten into the habit of eating a chocolate candy with her breakfast, Lady Godiva from her Christmas stocking even! We have found numerous candy wrappers in her chair in the mornings so maybe she's eating them before breakfast too?? It is a very good thing that she isn't Diabetic! It will be interesting to see if she goes back to the regular breakfast routine this week when AH and I go back to work.

There is never a dull moment here as usual.

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We took away mom's phone as she felt she had to give to everyone who called. Now her (very part time) caregiver or I gets the calls from doctors, etc. Wish I could be so diplomatic! I just blurt out things like \"no you don't\" and \"you never remember. Nice to see someone able to laugh!


EG, I can identify with those Stealth Caregiver tactics! :-) I'm so glad you've got WA in your corner, too.


Hi EG--Angela does indeed sound wonderful. What a relief to have her help!! \r\n\r\nI'm kinda liking her chocolate breakfast. \r\n\r\nClose quarters do have their downside. The upside is that you get all the information you need without having to ask. I love how you and AH keep your sense of humor. Makes the caregiving day a little bit easier.