Sickness Sucks


Sickness Sucks

kleenex-5610_640"I'd rather it be me than her."

This statement has been rattling in my head (along with many others) throughout my years as a caregiver, especially at times of when I'm not feeling well. Although I detest being sick (who doesn't?), it affects my ability to be a good caregiver. I already feel guilty about doing a crappy job on a daily basis, so don't relish the extra pressure and guilt. So I've little choice but to suck it up and be thankful for I think of how it would be worse if my caree would be feeling sickly on top of disease. It would be kind of like an avalanche on top of a snow-covered town. One just doesn't want it to happen.

In said times, it would be really nice to have someone to step up into my position, be it a friend, neighbor or family member. Alas, it's just me and my computer. While I'm grateful for the little I have, I dream for more as I heal and learn my way through another caregiving day.

What is the daily mantra in your head these days?

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Thanks for asking, PearLady. My mantra is: Just keep going.


My Mantra is: please, God, get me through this day, this season, in one piece and sane. or in a similar fashion: Please Jesus/God hold Mom and I today. Please don't let us suffer and help me to make wise decisions for both of us. I hope and pray tomorrow or the nearer future is better. I have know idea what I am doing.


Feel better, PL!\n\nMy mantra is, Please don't let me get sick.