I’ve been ‘gone’ for  a couple of days because I haven’t had a bee in my bonnet. Things are kinda rolling along here. I think I get a lot happier and more comfortable with everything when my house is really clean. (To qualify—we moved cross-country recently, and across town when our new house was ready, just had a new baby and my husband works and goes to law school—so it’s just me) Happily, I’ve been working hard on getting everything really clean and I’ve been able to maintain it for over 2 weeks now.

However, there is ONE member of our family who makes me feel like Sisyphus. My mother, who was never a great housekeeper, is especially challenging now that her eyesight and mobility are difficult.

( is my anonymous place to vent the truth—so I feel the need to share the reality of my mom’s housekeeping skills/commitment level prior to this phase of her life. She kept the heat up to 75 most of the time, and kept the windows open—she said it was for fresh air. She had as many as 10 cats at various times. She may have vacuumed once a week—maybe—but there was cat hair everywhere. I don’t think she ever dusted, or cleaned any surface that wasn’t a floor. I wouldn’t eat food in her house because her kitchen was too scary. Oh, and she smoked like a chimney—so there was always cigarette paraphernalia and ashes everywhere. And she drank coffee continuously, so there were always grounds and coffee bits everywhere)

That being said, somehow, she has managed to make her room completely disgusting, even though she does not prepare food there, and she has a dorm fridge and a coffee machine. I should probably just take it all away if it bothers me so, but it’s a toss up between her having her own space and her coming into the living room all the time for her continuous coffee and/or Pepsi supply.

Granted I do bring meals to her—whenever she asks and doesn’t feel like joining us at the table. But, how does raisin bran end up stuck to the side of the television? I did let her have a pint of half & half to use as cream in her coffee, but how does it get all over the inside of the dorm fridge? I do let her have a coffee maker in her room, but how do paper towels get inside the filter?

I do not confront her on these things. I just clean them up. But I do wonder, is she in complete dementia? Or, is she acting out and making my job more difficult on purpose?

The other thing is that she has a large garbage can, as well as little grocery bags to put garbage in. So—why are there used Kleenexes all over the floor? If she can manage to put garbage in the garbage can, why can’t she put the Kleenexes in there too?

And, how is it that if I’m always vacuuming and cleaning in there, it just looks trashed all the time? We have a bleeping brand new house but I feel like I want to replace the carpet already.

It’s just more reasons why she is way more challenging than my newborn baby.

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