VideoCare Brings the Family to Your Caree


VideoCare Brings the Family to Your Caree

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Because of caregiving, you know how small your world can seem—it can feel like it's just you and your caree. So, thank goodness for technology, which connects you to the outside world without having to leave the house.

Wouldn't it be great if technology could do the same for your caree? If your caree could enjoy the connections with family members that technology can create? For carees, though, a computer or smart phone can be just too intimidating, too difficult to master, or they may think they have no use for technology.

And, that's just the problem that VideoCare solves. VideoCare is a simple, touch-screen technology that remotely connects your caree to family members, friends and professional caregivers without the need for a keyboard, mouse or any technical skill.

VideoCare UserWith VideoCare, your caree maintains independence and social connections, while you and professional caregivers monitor your caree's healthcare and safety. VideoCare is designed for the millions of Americans over age 75 who are uncomfortable with devices such as smart phones and computers. Nearly 72 percent of those in that age group do not use these devices.

With VideoCare, you can easily have video chats, share photos, videos and music — even Facebook albums and YouTube postings — without your caree having to know anything about computers or you having to provide technical support. VideoCare also brings family functions directly to your caree; your caree can participate remotely in all of your family's special events — live, as they happen.

VideoCare's mobile app keeps you and your caree in touch wherever you are—at work, at school, running errands. With the app, family members and friends can share photos and videos directly from their smartphones.

The VideoCare system also helps your caree keep track of medication schedules, doctor appointments and activities of daily living. You can configure reminders online and receive notifications if your caree is late to respond.

VideoCare connects to wireless medical devices such as blood pressure units. The system tracks and monitors the health condition of your caree, allowing family members and professional caregivers to assist your caree more effectively. Different caregivers can be given different permissions to access the system. For example, a nurse might have access to set the medication schedule, while family members can choose to share photos and videos. Care-delivery businesses can track the calls made by their staff, ensuring that quality of service goals are met.

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