Site Updates: Send a Gift and Chat


Site Updates: Send a Gift and Chat

yellow-giftI've added a new feature this morning, inspired by @ildestino1. You can now send a gift (some free, some that require credits) to another member. Free gifts include a "Hey" or "Thank You" or "Welcome" or "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Hump Day." Gifts that require credits include a donut, box of chocolates and flowers. You automatically have 15 credits in your account and can purchase additional credits (10 credits cost $1.29), which you can buy via PayPal.

To send a gift, just look to the bottom of any page when you're logged into your account. You'll see a pin--just click to bring up the menu to choose a gift to send to a friend (or friends). You can search for your friend by using the search box on the left of the menu.

You may have noticed that I moved the chat box this week from the lower right to the lower left of each page; I moved it to make room for our gift window. I did hear some complaints about the chat box popping up so have removed the chat box until a fix prevents the pop-up.

So, I've added a better solution (I think): You'll now see a chat box within the members-only section of the site: On the sidebar of our activity page, on our forums and within each group. I think this will be the easiest way to chat with each other outside of our regularly-scheduled chats.

Have fun sending gifts and chatting! As always, if you have any feedback on these changes, please feel free to share in our comments section, below.

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Chat box improved 1000% - thanks Denise!


aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh warm fuzzies my dear . . I'm so very hard on myself! Thank you, didn't know those blogs would inspire!\r\n\r\nil