Six-Word Stories


Six-Word Stories

Denise with TheDogMama, who cared for her mom. Denise and TheDogMama, who cared for her mom, met in March 2015.

As most of you know I've been working on getting our cookbook together. One late night Sally and I were chatting on Facebook about me working on the cookbook and I was telling her that I was trying to write a dedication page for the book. We were throwing ideas around and Sally suggested 6 word stories!  Wouldn't it be great if we could write six-word stories about Denise? I mean Denise is the one who picks our brain and asks us, week after week, to write six-word stories. How appropriate that we honor our "fearless leader" with six-word stories!

I was actually going to wait to post this in the cookbook but I figured Denise could use a pick me up right now! This dedication will also be printed in the cookbook. If any of you did not get the message and would like to add to the list you can email the six-word stories to me at If there is anything you would like to add to the cookbook, there is still time, you can email the recipes to me.

So, here goes Denise! I hope we touch your heart and your funny bone! We appreciate you! We worry about you and care about you as much as you care about us! We love you! This is for you!

Debbie, who cared for her husband, Pegi (worriedwife) met Denise for lunch in Ft. Lauderdale in November 2013 after returning from our cruise. Debbie, who cared for her husband and Pegi (worriedwife) met Denise for lunch in November 2013.

We, the members of, dedicate this cookbook to Denise Brown who is the founder and administrator of Denise is "so much more than that" to each of us. Our tributes to Denise could be a book in and of themselves! Denise often asks us to share "six-word stories" on the site, so we thought it would be fun and appropriate if each chef wrote a six-word story here in tribute to Denise. This has to be one of the most challenging "put it in six words" challenge ever! Our lives simply would not be the same without her! (See? that's 10 words!) We love you, Denise.

And.. Here are our six-word stories! Please enjoy!

Dedicated Energetic Nice Intent Shepherd Emotional - Sally

A calming voice overriding caregiving storms - Gail

A visionary seeing need before others - Gail

An ordinary woman doing extraordinary things - Gail

Beacon of light in the dark - Sharon

Jane, Nicole and Denise during her February 2012 visit to see them. Jane, Nicole and Denise during her February 2012 visit to see them.

Her unselfish encouragement is simply priceless. - Mar changing my life since 2009 - Lillie

Provides my safe place, demonstrates love! - Lillie

Love that laugh! Hush up Mar! - Lillie

Warmth, Comfort, Calming, Reassuring, Thanks Denise. - EllysGdaughter

Your love keeps lifting me higher - Jan

Without Denise I would be lost. - Chris

Caring for us while we care for others. - Lisa

Compassionate, thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, generous superwoman - Shelley

Amazing advocate in the caregiving community - Jane

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Jo Rozier

Insightful, inspirational, intrepid, indefatigable, and endearing

Chris MacLellan

May I add this about Denise: Soothing words with a kind soul


I keep thinking about these stories you wrote for me. :) When I think of my life's accomplishments, I think this will top on my list--that you all wrote these beautiful stories about me. I'm just so incredibly touched.


Golly, I missed all the fun (not surprising)! Gifted, wise, succinct, insufficient to describe.....would be one of my 6 word stories.......

Lillie Fuller

in this post Gail is TheDogMama and Shelley is Hussy! I couldn't figure out how to edit it.

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