In Six Words, What's Your Gratitude?


In Six Words, What's Your Gratitude?

We take time at Thanksgiving to reflect on our gratitudes. Let's take time to do that today.

For this six-word story, share a gratitude in our comments section, below. You can write as many six-word stories giving thanks as you'd like.

I'm so grateful for all you -- for your caring and for your advocacy. I'm grateful you choose to spend time here with us. And, I'm grateful for how much support you offer to each other.

Wishing you and yours a Thanksgiving that brings you much thanks.

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Melody Ringo

Grateful for faith, family and friends.

Anita Henson

My Dad's grateful and positive attitude.\nMom's understanding, caring and sweet disposition.\nTherapy for this caregiver is working.


Love/life my husband gave me.\r\n\r\nAll the years we had together.


Mine:\r\n\r\nI'm grateful to be fully present.\r\n\r\nAppreciate opportunities for connection and meaning.\r\n\r\nGrateful to give and receive love.

mycelia of gratitude mushrooms from within