In Six Words, What Brings the Tears?


In Six Words, What Brings the Tears?

I'm in a bad way today. My back is out, my spirit is low, my hope is fleeting.

The tears are close.

I wonder how you're doing. I wonder what brings the tears for you.

For this six-word story, let's write about why we cry. You can write as many stories as you'd like. Here's mine for today:

Emotional, physical, spiritual pain creates waterworks.

Please share yours in our comments section, below. I hope writing it to us feels like we're in the room with you, holding your hand.

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Anita Henson

It's not all about tearful me!\nI empathize, I care, I help.\nI miss my best friend, husband.\nI cry for help! There's none.


She hurts, I hurt. It hurts.