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Sky Map

Sky map Sky map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sky Map. Map of the Sky. Blue Skies Ahead. Things Will Be Okay. Free-fall. Free-falling. Locate. Read. Me. Bathroom. Grandma. Daughter. Tunnel. Tunnel Vision. Where am I? Where are You? Time. Travel. Honeymoon. Dress. Now. Then. Who? Feeling. What. Is. This. Fear. Always. Why. Pills. No. No Doctors. Diapers? Me? No! Tears. Laughter. Husband. Not here. Scared. Daughter. Not here. Scared. Son Not Here. Frightened. Husband here. Relieved. Daughter here. Relieved. Son Called. Love. Relief!  Penguins. Penguins I remember. Tunnels. Tunnels I remember. Book. Read.
What.  Did. You. Ask. Me.

Not Me.

This Is Dementia. This Is Me. My Thoughts. My Fears.


(I think this is what dementia is like in Mom's brain.)



English: Escalator Tunnel, Umeda Sky Building,... English: Escalator Tunnel, Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Polski: Tunel ze schodami ruchomymi na Umeda Sky Building w Osace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Thanks you. Guess it pays to 'Listen to Mom :) = my stream of consciousness = Mom's. il\r\np.s. where are you??? You invisible Man You . . how is your wife?


Beautiful expression of your experience in stream of consciousness form....very powerful!!!