A Caregiving Comfort: Sleep


A Caregiving Comfort: Sleep

You'll feel better when you sleep, you hear.

You try. Oh, how hard you try to sleep.

You lay in bed, your body relaxing as it finally gets off its feet.

As your body relaxes, your mind races.

It's when you begin to relax that the worries find the energy to run.

And, that's why it's hard to sleep. Your worries won't let you.

How to fight the worries?

Change the conversation. When the worries start talking, assure them you will have time tomorrow to listen and to take care of them. And, then begin to talk to your dreams. Your sleep can be your time to set your mind sailing into possibilities. Tell your dreams where you want to go and who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.

Sleep so you can dream. Dream so you can release yourself into possibilities. Let go of your realities, create your opportunities. In your dreams, you can travel and build and create and accomplish. When you dream of what you want, you find your energy to be fully present in your next day. Let your dreams calm and comfort you.

Worries will wait. Your dreams can't. Sleep.

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When I find it hard to sleep, on each inhale, I think \"Thank\". On each exhale, \"You\". It is easier to fall asleep thinking of the good things.


That was nice. I used to say that I never dreamed but I have heard sleep experts say that everyone dreams but some people just don’t remember their dreams. I will try talking to my dreams and giving them some direction as you indicated. Maybe I will start remembering.